About Us

Incompra Press is a Philadelphia-based boutique publisher specializing in small-run nonfiction by local authors. Founded in 2004 by Sara Hodgson and Anoki Casey, Incompra has produced high-quality books on photography, medicine and banking, as well as numerous historical memoirs.

As a small publisher, we can take our time to find authors with unique voices and topics that really interest us. Like most small presses, we only publish a few books a year. We work closely with each author to develop, edit, design, and promote his or her book. We are not tied to a big marketing/publicity machine that enforces arbitrary deadlines, so we have the flexibility to work on a project until we get it just right.

Our two most recent titles were released in paperback and in various e-book formats. We love producing beautiful print versions, but from a business point of view e-books offer great opportunities for authors. They eliminate the two biggest hurdles – print costs and distribution.

We are fortunate to have excellent relationships with a number of companies that
offer fulfillment services to our authors including ANRO, Inc.,
Smarter Campaigns, Inc.; and Brilliant, Inc.

Submission Guidelines

We are pleased to receive query letters from authors for nonfiction projects. We accept e-mail queries only. Send queries to books@incomprapress.com.

Your letter should include:

  • A summary or outline of the book’s content, including the proposed title of your work, an approximate word count, and an estimated date of completion. Indicate if your book will contain charts, photographs and illustrations.
  • Your writing credentials, qualifications and experience relevant to the book’s content.
  • Your intended audience and the market for your book.
  • Your contact information.

Do not attach manuscripts or proposals to your e-mail queries. Allow at least 4-6 weeks for a response. If we are interested in your topic, we will request additional information at that time.

Thank you for your interest,
Sara Hodgson, Director, Incompra Press

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